About us

Cecilia has over 15 years experience in advertising, marketing and communications, collateral, direct mail, POP, signage, trade show communications, packaging and multi-media projects. She has a can-do attitude and has many of the same clients for over a decade. Her background includes managing several Kodak accounts as well as Canandaigua Wine Company and Bausch & Lomb. Cecilia’s personal philosophy is “get it done” and she strives to get it done for her clients!

Jon has been designing and tweaking designs for so many years he’s lost count. Don’t worry Jon, we won’t tell the exact amount. He has a gift for getting into the minds of our clients and producing what they envisioned, but may not have been able to articulate. Jon is a layout magician and 3-D guru, working his magic in many media. His capabilities include structural design, graphic design, print production, packaging, illustration and mechanicals. Jon is a great problem solver and is quick to provide solutions.

Lou is our creative web wizard, having created masterpieces for Madonna as well as The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Rolling Stones. Oh yeah. Not only does he come up with the great ideas, he executes them too. He turns all the “can you really do this?” into “this is amazing!” His work spans the local area as well as NYC, including such clients as; Skyworks, Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Red Cross, the Warner Music Group labels, Universal Music Group labels, Sony, just to name a few, trust us! To say Lou has a broad knowledge of PC and web-based technology would be putting it mildly. There isn’t a program that he doesn’t know or isn’t willing to learn.